Only in Japan was an American Girl Side Part commercialized with two differences compared to the American Barbie. The first concerned the body , which was the classic Midge / Barbie with straight legs , without the folding knees of the American version.
Solo in Giappone fu commercializzata una American Girl Side Part con due differenze rispetto alla Barbie Americana. La prima riguardava il corpo , che era il classico Midge / Barbie con le gambe diritte , senza le ginocchia pieghevoli della versione americana.
Due dettagli dei capelli.
Two hair details.
The second difference between the classic American Girl Side Part and this Side Part intended only for the Japanese domestic market, consisted in the totality of the leather: this was in fact more pink and lighter , with cheeks highlighted by the blush .
La seconda differenza tra la classica American Girl Side Part e questa Side Part destinata al solo mercato interno giapponese, consisteva nella totnalità dela pelle: questa era infatti più rosa e più chiara , con guance evidenziate dal blush .
Code: 1070 Year: 1966 Name: Japan American GIrl Side Part Barbie Designer: - Body: Midge / Barbie Body Mark: Midge © 1962 Barbie ®© 1958 by MATTEL INC Patented Face mold: Barbie - © 1958 Mattel Inc.
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